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Uniquepl8z STUDIO-13 copy

21 years ago the travel bug bit me and I have never been the same.
I strongly believe that life was meant for good friends and good adventures,
and there is nothing like a road trip to bring the two together.

Hopping in the car with no destination in mind makes for the perfect day.
Rummaging yard sales, sifting through junk yards, and exploring vintage consignment
stores in search of old treasures that can be given new meaning is my passion.

My name is Nicole O’Brien, the creator and nomad behind Unique Pl8z.
A few years ago I was on a mission to create a gift for someone special.
That gift needed to reflect all the wonderful times we had spent laughing, dreaming,
and traveling together. A handmade art piece that celebrated the uniqueness of
our journey was my vision. I created a sign using license plates from states we
had travelled, and from that one gift, Unique Pl8z was born.  Unique Pl8z is so
much more than just license plate art. It’s a mission to hand craft custom
gifts that preserve the memories of past trips and fuel the desire for future travel.

I invite you to throw on a good road trip tune, grab a cup of coffee (or margarita),
and take a look through my shop.  If any of the designs resonate with you, message
me and we can begin creating your own special piece of art. Think back to all of
your favorite trips and places and I will be sure to include license plates from
those very places in your unique design.  Remember, it’s not about the destination.
It’s about the journey.

Happy Traveling,

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